About us

Special Ingredients Europe ® is a registered tradename of Sjef Koken B.V. 

Sjef was founded in 2014 by Jurriaan Souer and Sander van Acht with the goal of helping amateur chefs prepare engaging, high-tech, Michelin-star quality recipes. Some call it 'molecular gastronomy'. This day, we not only support amateur chefs, but also restaurants, food designers, food processing companies, bakeries, universities and all sorts of organisations that require the best special ingredients they can find. 

We try to create the most beautiful and tasty experiences, using the best products and special flavours. In our search for excellence, we found Special Ingredients. as our main supplier for all the products we use. After a couple of years, we intensified our partnership and we came the European consumer and wholesale business: Special Ingredients Europe! 

Surf through our recipes, take a look in the store or sign up for the newsletter if you want ready-made recipes in your mailbox. Up to you. We wish you a lot of culinary pleasure and if you have any questions, we are happy to help!

Jurriaan & Sander