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Create Perfect Liquid Caviar Spheres / Pearls Using Our Spherification Bottle!

Consisting of a food grade plastic bottle with a food-grade silicone cap, The Spherificator Bottle is practical, fast and easy to use. Our Spherifcator bottle will allow you to create caviar spheres / pearls quickly and easily using the spherification process, without the need to use a pipette or syringe.

To create Caviar Spheres / Pearls with a liquid centre it is important to ensure you remove the Pearls in less than one minute from the calcium bath to prevent from solidifying. Compared to the standard syringe method, the Spherificator Bottle can create up to 16 Spheres / Pearls per squeeze. This will produce a larger yield of liquid Spheres per squeeze which allows you to produce a greater number of Pearls in a shorter amount of time.

Simply fill the bottle with the spherifcation liquid and gently press over your bath to create your spheres/pearls. Used by Chefs to add another exciting dimension to your cooking and delight your guests with your skills and innovation. Dishwasher Safe. Dimensions – 250ml Bottle. Height (including lid) 12cm, Width 6.5cm, Depth 5.5cm.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Create Caviar Spheres / Pearls quickly
  • Food Grade
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Dimensions – 250ml Bottle. Height (including lid) 12cm, Width 6.5cm, Depth 5.5cm


  • Spherificator Bottle 250ml
  • Spherificator Silicone Lid