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Sodium Citrate ( Buffer Salt )




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Sodium Citrate is the sodium salt of Citric Acid. Like Citric Acid and other salts, it has a sour and salty taste. It is commonly known as sour salt, buffer salt or trisodium citrate and is mainly used for flavouring food and drinks or as a preservative.

A useful quality of Sodium Citrate is that it reduces the acidity of foods and liquid solutions, so it allows spherification and reverse spherification with strongly acidic ingredients. Sodium Citrate is also used as an antioxidant in food as well as a sequestrant.

It dissolves easily and acts instantly. A highly soluble powder. Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Non-Irradiated, Kosher Friendly, Halal Friendly.


  • Rapidly reduces the acidity of food and liquids
  • Use in spherification and reverse spherification to reduce pH levels of acidic ingredients
  • Use as a preservative to stop the browning of fruits and vegetables
  • Use to add a sour salty flavour to foods and drinks
  • Suitable for Vegans, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Non-Irradiated, Kosher Friendly, Halal Friendly


How to use: Dissolves easily in hot or cold solutions. Dosage 0.5 % - 5 %. As required/to taste.


Adjusting pH with Sodium Citrate:

To adjust the pH of acidic liquids, add Sodium Citrate concerning the percentages given.

To the change the pH of a liquid to a neutral pH of 5 add Sodium Citrate to the liquid as follows:

Liquid with pH 2 – Add 0.3% Sodium Citrate = pH 5

Liquid with pH 2.5 – Add 0.09% Sodium Citrate = pH 5

Liquid with pH 3 – Add 0.03% Sodium Citrate= pH 5

Liquid with pH 3.5 – Add 0.01% Sodium Citrate= pH 5


Storage Conditions: Store in dry, cool conditions and not in direct sunlight. Use within 6 months of opening.


Ingredients: Sodium Citrate (E331)


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